Why Language Lab Academy?

Why Language Lab Academy?

The answer is quite simple. We believe in change! And more importantly, we believe all students have the potential to outshine in the modern world. Today, many school districts struggle to create a language-focused learning environment that allows students to develop a love of language learning. 

Unfortunately, traditional methods of learning languages are outdated and unnatural. Many schools and programs have failed to recognize the fast-paced changing world and traditional teaching methods that have hindered students from truly mastering a new language. Those methods are as followed:

Regurgitation over natural communication:

Traditionally, instructors tend to focus more on repetition and memorization of vocabulary instead of conversing naturally; which causes students to merely know a bunch of random words while unable to hold useful conversations with native speakers. Our approach is to keep this process as natural as possible, in a similar way as one would learn their mother tongue, and help students achieve the ability to sense a certain sentence or word feels awkward. 

Inauthentic interactions:

Many teachers struggle to help students realize the cultural sensitivity that comes with taking on a foreign language. Issues with dialects may arise and end up in unintentional insensitivity. We however do things differently. We believe the number one goal of learning a language should be for students to have the ability to communicate effectively with native speakers. This is why our students are assigned highly-credentialed language specialists and native speakers who understand what it means to be multilingual and the culture that comes with it. 

Uninteresting environment:

In today’s society, students’ attention span has become shorter. They get bored easily and a static environment is no way to capture a kid’s interest. Therefore, we create a learning environment and culture that is specifically designed to provide a dynamic and interactive atmosphere to appeal to students. Our focus is entirely on an output-based learning with verbal communication as the endgame. This takes the pressure off kids, allowing them to subconsciously absorb the target language and become fluent more quickly.