Special Programs

Summer Exploratory Language Program

Our Summer Language Exploratory program aims to introduce students to multiple languages including Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi, and French! Our summer program aims to build awareness and understanding of other cultures, develop an appreciation for the value of learning another language, and increase motivation for future language study!
Research has demonstrated that students who participate in a foreign language exploratory program have an improved attitude towards language study and other cultures. Attitude is a key predictor of who will persist in foreign language study!
Our program also helps students gain an advantage of learning the basics of a new language before entering a junior/high-school language course as well as provide reinforcement techniques to help practice and sharpen the skills and concepts they may have previously learned.

Intensive Summer Language Program

Our Intensive Summer Language Program is for high school students who wish to study a target language abroad. The program lasts for 8 weeks (June-July). During the course, our language specialists will travel with select students to a foreign country for an 8-14 day trip where they’ll be immersed in a truly authentic cultural experience practice the target language. This program is highly selective and is only offered to 10 select students each summer. To be considered, students must apply by April 30th.

School Break Language Program

We offer fun an exciting language classes for students needing a place to expand their minds during school breaks. Whether on Fall, Christmas, or Spring Break, our language specialists will make sure your child receives an experience that will allow them to release their creativity and expand their cultural awareness.

Elite Travel Club

Travel the world with us by joining our Elite Travel Club! Whether you prefer to travel solo or with a group of your friends, you can explore the world with a certified language specialist while learning a new language. Unlike traditional travel guides, we are there to help you learn the language as you travel!

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