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Kindergarten Language Immersion Program

Ettevort International Preparatory Academy: Shaping Global Leaders through Language Education

Kindergarten Language Immersion Program

Ettevort International Preparatory Academy is honored to host our Academic program, offering an enriching environment for our Kindergarten Language Immersion Program. At our academy, we understand that the early years are crucial for nurturing a love of learning, and that’s precisely what our Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten Language Immersion Program aims to accomplish. Our students embark on an inspiring journey of inquiry, exploration, and discovery, all while being fully immersed in the target language. Alongside this linguistic immersion, our curriculum encompasses creative and foundational classes that equip young learners with the skills and knowledge needed for a future marked by academic excellence and global exploration. Ettevort International Preparatory Academy is where the seeds of curiosity and cultural awareness are sown, paving the way for a bright and promising educational future.

Students interested in enrolling into our Kindergarten Language Immersion Program must meet the requirements below:

  • Age Eligibility: To enroll in our Kindergarten Language Immersion Program, students must have reached the age of five on or before the first day of classes. This age requirement ensures that students are developmentally ready for kindergarten-level instruction.
  • Language Proficiency: While prior language skills in the target language are not mandatory, a willingness and enthusiasm to learn a new language should be evident in the student's attitude. The program is designed to immerse students in the target language, so a positive disposition toward language exploration is beneficial.
  • Health Records: To ensure the well-being of all students, including vaccination records and relevant medical history, up-to-date health records should be provided upon enrollment.
  • Entrance Assessment: To gauge the readiness and suitability of students for the program, an entrance assessment may be required. This assessment ensures that students are prepared for the linguistic and academic challenges presented by the immersion program.

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Our mission is to foster a love of language-learning for young children Kindergarten through 6th grade. Our goal is to develop language learning skills that will promote cultural awareness while helping students develop a respect for their compatriots from around the world!

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