PreK-12th Education

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Preschool Language Immersion

Our Pre-K Language Immersion Program will prepare your child for a future of academic success! Selected students who participate in our scholastic Pre-K preparatory language school will receive test preparations in the CogAT (Cognitive Abilities Test) and the ITBS (Iowa Test of Basic Skills) for early training in verbal, nonverbal and quantitative reasoning instruction. In addition, students can choose up to two languages to learn simultaneously when enrolling in this highly effective program. 

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After-school Language Immersion: (Pre-K3-6th grade)

Our After-school Language Immersion Program offers immersive and practical language training in Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, French and ESL (English as a Second Language). The program is designed for language learners of all levels. All instructors are highly experienced language experts with a true passion for teaching languages to children and the class content is taught 90-95% in the target language. A variety of learning materials derived from their country of origin are used to maximize the optimal results in language acquisition. The program aims to help our students build confidence and achieve proficiency in speaking, writing, and reading in their target language. We also offer transportation to Frisco ISD and surrounding areas.

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Live Online Language Immersion: (Ages 3 and Up) ​

At Language Lab Academy, we offer Live Online Language Learning for students of all ages. Students can choose from a variety of languages including Spanish, Chinese, French, German, and ASL! Our courses are offered year-round and are taught by our highly credentialed language specialists. Unlike many online programs, our students are able to interact with a live language instructor and engage in meaningful conversations that is sure to increase their language learning success!

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Preschool Language Immersion:

  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Development
  • Music
  • Art

After-school Language Immersion: (Elementary, Middle School, High School)

  • Immerses student in target language
  • Build vocabulary and grammar in target language
  • Help students gain confidence in speaking, writing, and reading in target language
  • Complements what children are learning in school
  • Cultivates creativity and problem solving
  • Provides academic enrichment activities that keeps skills sharp, andbuilds enthusiasm for continued language learning

Language Clubs: (Ages 18 months and up)

  • Provides students with a language immersive experience
  • Introduces students to target language
  • Builds new vocabulary in target language
  • Students recognize parts of grammar in target language
  • Develop confidence in speaking, writing, and reading in target language

Live Online Language Immersion: (Ages 3 and Up)

  • Students will be able to interact with a Live Language Specialist
  • Students will be introduced to the target language
  • Students will learn key words, phrases, and parts of grammar
  • Students will be able to interact with language specialist whilepracticing speaking, reading, listening, and writing in the target

Advanced Placement (AP) Test Preparation (High School)

  • Students will work closely with a Language Specialist to practice writing,speaking, and listening in the target
  • Students will practice grammar rules and sentence construction for target language
  • Students will be able to interact and practice the target language withpeers who are currently enrolled in the

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