Special Services

Toddlers learns a second language.

Speech Therapy

Here at Language Lab Academy, our language speech pathologist will work closely with your child to ensure they are able to fully communicate clearly and effectively. We take verbal communication seriously and want to make sure, if needed, your child gets the help he/she needs. If your child shows sign of any speech difficulties, it is important to intervene as soon as possible. Effective communication is considered to be one of the most fundamental processes to human development. The ability to communicate effectively plays a critical role during the formative years of a child’s life. Without the ability to communicate clearly, children lose access to many of the educational experiences that will mold them into adults. Contact us for pricing information!

Educational Diagnostic Learning Services

A child’s learning disability could affect the way they acquire a different language. At Language Lab Academy, we want to make sure that your child has every opportunity to learn the target language successfully. Knowing your child’s results, could make a big difference in their learning. Contact us for pricing information!


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