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Language Enrichment Programs

Language Enrichment Programs

Language Lab Academy’s Language Enrichment Programs are your passport to a world of linguistic diversity. Our engaging programs introduce students to a spectrum of languages, including Spanish, Mandarin, French, German, and many others, fostering cultural appreciation and global awareness. With expert instructors and interactive learning, our programs provide students with a rich language experience that opens doors to new horizons.

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Friday Enrichment Program

Language Lab Academy’s Friday Enrichment Program is the perfect solution for schools operating on a 4-day week schedule. Designed with flexibility in mind, our program allows students to choose from a range of schedules to suit their needs. Whether it’s a full-day immersion experience, a half-day of intensive language learning, or hourly sessions tailored to specific areas of interest, we’ve got it covered. Our engaging and interactive sessions provide students with the opportunity to enhance their language skills, explore cultural facets, and boost their academic performance in a fun and dynamic environment. Join us on Fridays for a unique educational journey that empowers students to excel in language studies and beyond.

Summer Enrichment Camps


Summer at Language Lab Academy is a season of exploration, learning, and fun! Our Summer Enrichment Programs offer a vibrant blend of language acquisition and exciting activities, making language learning an unforgettable adventure. Parents can choose from our flexible options, including full-day immersion, half-day sessions, or hourly lessons, to best fit their child’s summer schedule. Whether it’s mastering a new language, engaging in cultural experiences, or building lasting friendships, our programs are designed to captivate young minds and foster a lifelong love for languages. Join us this summer for a journey of discovery, where education meets excitement at Language Lab Academy.

School Break Enrichment Camps

At Language Lab Academy, learning never takes a break, even during school vacations! Our School Break Enrichment Camps, offered during Fall Breaks, Christmas Winter Breaks, and Spring Breaks, provide a fantastic opportunity for students to keep their minds engaged while having a blast. Parents can opt for our flexible scheduling, with both full-day and half-day options available, ensuring a perfect fit for any family’s needs. These camps are designed to be both educational and entertaining, allowing students to explore new languages, cultures, and exciting activities during their breaks. Join us for a memorable and enriching school break experience at Language Lab Academy!

Language Explorer Clubs

At Language Lab Academy, our Language Explorer Clubs are a year-round adventure crafted to introduce the wonders of language and culture to Pre-Kindergarten through 5th-grade students. These engaging clubs offer an immersive experience where young learners delve into a new target language, explore captivating songs, participate in skits, create crafts, and embrace the richness of diverse cultures. Held on Saturdays, our clubs offer flexible time options to accommodate busy schedules, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to embark on this exciting journey of linguistic and cultural discovery. Join us and watch your child’s curiosity and love for languages flourish in our Language Explorer Clubs!

Language Story Time

At Language Lab Academy, our Language Story Times are a delightful way to introduce young minds, aged 6 months to 5 years, to the magic of language and storytelling. These engaging sessions transport children to a world of imagination as stories are read in a variety of languages, including Spanish, German, French, Mandarin, Arabic, and more! Held on Wednesdays, our story time slots are thoughtfully scheduled to accommodate different families’ needs, ensuring that children have the opportunity to embark on a journey of linguistic discovery in a fun and interactive setting. Join us for Language Story Times and watch your child’s language skills and cultural awareness blossom through the power of stories!