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How can I help my child learn English as a second language?

Many parents want to help their children learn English as a second language. As the global language of business, English can significantly improve your children’s future and increase the number of opportunities available to them. Even if your child is taking English lessons, there are many things that parents can do at home to help support their learning. Here are a few ways you can help your child learn English as a second language.

  1. Read Bedtime Stories in English

You can find your child’s favorite bedtime stories translated into English with a quick Google search. Stories are the perfect way to start integrating English into your child’s life in a memorable way. You can even encourage your child to repeat specific English words in the bedtime stories to solidify their meaning. Many children’s books rhyme, are very repetitive, and often accompanied by photos describing the words, making it a great way to learn a language.

  1. Invite Friends Over that Speak English

When you invite others over to your home that can only communicate in English, it encourages your children to practice their communication skills, encouraging feedback and conversation. While learning vocabulary is excellent, the art of conversation will help your child incorporate English into their everyday life.

  1. Replace Regular Commands or Questions in English

An easy way to make English easier for your child to learn is to replace common phrases you already use in your home with the English version. Some easy words to integrate into your child’s everyday life might include:

  • Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening
  • What do you want to eat for breakfast?
  • Would you like some orange juice or apple juice?
  • Please
  • Thank you
  • Can you put away the dishes?
  • Do you want to go to the park?
  • Are you ready for school?
  • What are you wearing to school today?
  • What is today’s date?
  1. Play Games in English

Children naturally learn through making mistakes and playful experimentation. Encouraging your children to play in English makes it easier for them to learn the language. You could play games such as high-and-seek or dress up. By letting your children learn through play, you’re helping them learn English the same way they naturally learned their first language.

  1. Learn English Yourself

Why not take the journey alongside your child and learn the English language yourself? Joining English lessons with your child is a great way to create a positive attitude about a new language and allows you to spend extra time with your children. Learning together is a fun experience and lets your child have someone they can constantly practice with, as you’ll be learning the same language and vocabulary too!

It doesn’t need to be a lot of work to help your child learn English. Alongside their language lessons, encourage your child to have fun, play games, and speak in English to get the most out of their lessons. Stay consistent, and you’ll see that your child will have remarkable results.I throw myself down among the tall grass

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