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Language Acquisition

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At Language Lab Academy, our highly dedicated language specialists have degrees and/or are highly certified to teach in their respective target language.  Many of our specialists are former teachers and professors with strong backgrounds in education and early childhood learning and development. Our learning materials consists of lessons that are derived from their original countries of origin, which ensure students are mastering a variety of learning techniques/applications that have been proven successful! Because our group sessions are small and conducive, our students are able to flourish in a productive learning environment which helps strengthen their communication skills in and outside the classroom! 

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Interactive Atmosphere

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While some larger schools have larger class size enrollments, we believe smaller class group sessions enhance our quality of instruction. Our classroom atmosphere and interactive technology ensures that your child is getting the very best learning experience possible.  We believe it’s important for your child to have a sense of immersion in order to spark curiosity and imagination! Our unique curriculum helps increase student interest, retention of language and communication!

Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

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At Language Lab Academy, we’re more than just language! Our curriculum includes math, science, reading and cultural awareness. Our classes are taught 95% in the target language to help students gain acquisition.  By using true authentic resources, students are able to learn a variety of skills and techniques to help build better math, science, and reading skills while simultaneously increasing their social interaction skills. Our curriculum sets students up for success by allowing them an opportunity to take control over their own learning by giving them more options on how to solve difficult math problems, process information, and apply deductive reasoning!