Why German?

  • German is the most widely spoken native language in Europe!

In absolute numbers, German is the second most spoken language on the continent of Europe. However, when it comes to native speakers, German is number one.

  • German is the gateway to a world-class higher education!

Germany’s universities have an excellent international reputation! It’s the fourth most popular destination for students from abroad with more than a quarter million foreigners being enrolled in German schools. What’s more, the German system for higher education boasts a number of universities with a very low or non-existent tuition fee!

  • German is an important language in academia!

German is very important in the academic community. In fact, it ranks second as the most commonly used scientific language.

  • Germany is an economic powerhouse!

Germany is the biggest economy within the European Union and the fourth largest worldwide. It is home to numerous international corporations and on the front line of new technologies.

  • German is a key language for science nerds!

At the turn of the 20th century, Germany was tipped to become the official language of science! Fluency in German will give your child the upper-hand in understanding the works of the great German minds, such as Albert Einstein!

  • German is Easy for English Speakers to Learn!

Unlike French, Italian and Spanish, which are Romance languages, both English and German belong to the Germanic branch of the Indo-European language family. Some German words and expressions are still used regularly in English. Your child learning German will be quite similar to learning the English language.

  • The Language of Thinkers!

Learning German can help your child with his/her studies! In fact, the University of California recommends German for more academic majors than any other language! Once older, your child will be able to publish and read research articles from brilliant thinkers! German is the 2nd most common language of academic articles and communication on the internet in the world!