Beyond LLA

At the Language Lab Academy, we strive to provide students with an immersive language learning experience that follows them throughout their school years. Our preschool immersion program is a great way for young learners to begin their language journey. Students who join our preschool immersion program will continue their studies in our after-school language immersion programs until they reach the fifth grade.

For elementary school students, our After-school Language Immersion Program offers private and small group classes tailored to each student’s needs. These classes are taught by experienced language instructors and focus on developing conversational skills, expanding vocabulary, and increasing grammar proficiency.

In high school, our Language Lab Academy offers both online and in-person courses that prepare students for college-level language proficiency exams such as the TOEFL and IELTS. We also offer advanced placement courses that allow students to gain college credit for their language studies. Our instructors can provide advice on which courses are best suited to meet each student’s individual goals, whether they plan to pursue more formal education in the language or just maintain basic conversation skills.

In addition to our core program offerings for preschoolers through high schoolers, Language Lab Academy also offers summer camps for children ages four through twelve. With a focus on fun activities that foster greater cultural understanding between different countries and communities around the world—including field trips to museums or cultural events—the summer camps provide an enjoyable learning environment where students can further develop their language skills while engaging in unique global experiences.

Overall, our goal is to help students of all ages capture global perspectives by engaging them in meaningful linguistic interactions within a supportive environment at Language Lab Academy.