Adult Education

We offer adult language instruction for individuals seeking to expand their bilingual education for professional or personal use. We offer classes in various levels including:

1. Beginner Novice:
2. Intermediate (Low, Medium, High)
3. Advanced Proficiency

Our language specialists go at your pace to help ensure you reach acquisition and mastery!

Our Live Online Language Program makes it easy to learn a new language while working around your schedule. Our online classes can be private, or in a small group session.

We offer in-person small group language instruction for students who want to gain proficiency in a target language. Our classes focus on listening and communication.

Want to learn a new language with a group of friends? Sign up for our private group instruction classes where you and your friends can learn and practice a target language together.

Planning on taking a trip? Our language specialists gives you the opportunity to practice with a native speaker to help you build essential phrases and vocabulary you will need. We can tailor each lesson to the places you plan to visit while ensuring you are able to communicate effectively for the necessities you may need!

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