Know Us Better

About Us?

Who We Are

Our language school was created by certified language specialists, teachers and professors. As educators of foreign languages in school districts throughout the state of Texas, we observed first-hand the lack of academic language preparedness our students had in order to truly acquire a new language. Unfortunately, our K-12th educational structure system has failed us when it comes to teaching our students a foreign language; thereby creating a crucial gap that doesn’t expose many of our students to a new language until their high school years; well past the optimum age for a student to more easily and authentically acquire a new language. 

Because of the dire need to fill the language-learning gap in our society, we decided to create an opportunity that will allow students to grasp the essence of new languages and cultures while falling in love with language learning. We believe learning a new language is an art that can enrich a student’s mind and introduce them to a world of new horizons. Our network of teachers offers an array of programs including Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, French, ESL, American Sign Language and much more! With the inculcation of these programs into our community, we can help students embark on an exciting journey that will last throughout their lifetime.

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster a love of language-learning for young children kindergarten through 6th grade. With the implementation of the five stages of language acquisition, we hope to develop language learning skills that will promote cultural awareness while helping students develop a respect for their compatriots from around the world. 

Our Philosophy

We at Language Lab Academy believe that the power of language can change the world! We specialize in immersive language acquisition and for this, we have our dream team to thank. We are comprised of highly experienced teachers with an intense love of language and a complete dedication to helping students acquire new target languages and fufill their long-term language goals. 

Our Commitment

We believe in a culture that is student-centered! Our passion is to help students fall in love with language learning by providing them a high quality immersive language education.

Language Immersion

Our classes at Language Lab Academy are taught 95% in the target language to give students a true sense of immersion. Our language specialists use a number of learning resources to ensure that students grasp a variety of language learning approaches and applications that have been demonstrated to be effective!

Immersive Atmosphere

By inspiring imagination and curiosity, our classrooms provide students with a full language immersion experience. Our environment sets the tone for students to have the best possible immersive learning experience!

Cultural Awareness

Not only is our classroom environment ideal for learning a new language, but it is also ideal for learning about culture! Our language specialists assist students in recognizing the differences by taking them through many parts of native speakers’ daily life, allowing them to appreciate not just the language but also the culture!