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  • My daughter struggles with hearing loss. I’m so excited that this program will allow her to take advantage of learning sign language in a fun and exciting environment at an affordable cost!

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    Cleburne, TX
  • My daughter is a sophomore in High School.  She’s having a hard time in Spanish.  This program is a great opportunity to give her the foundation and practice she needs to, not only bring home an A, but to be able to speak Spanish with confidence.

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    Plano, TX
  • I took 2 years of  foreign language in high school.  Unfortunately, after graduation, I don’t remember much. With this program, my children will be able to learn a foreign language and retain it for a lifetime of future endeavors.

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    McKinney, TX
  • I’ve always wanted my child to be bilingual. The fact that she can learn a foreign language while sharpening her reading and math skills is a definite plus!

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    Denton, TX