Preschool Language Immersion Program

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Our Preschool Language Immersion program offers diverse hands-on and interactive activities for children 2.6 to 5 Years old.

Kindergarten Language Immersion Program


Our Kindergarten Language Immersion program fully immerses your child in a foreign language while providing them a smaller, more unique setting that helps to introduce them to the primary school years. 

Afterschool Language Immersion Program

Our Afterschool Language Immersion programs are offered to students Kindergarten through 5th grade.

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At Language Lab Academy, we believe learning a new language enriches the mind and opens up the world to new horizons! We specialize in language acquisition for students of all ages! We offer various language, art, and music programs in Spanish, Chinese Mandarin, French, Hindi, Arabic, American Sign Language and more! We are here to help our students embark on a new journey that promises to enrich their lives and unfold all the possibilities life has to offer!


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Now accepting applications for Preschool, Afterschool, and Kindergarten programs.

Our full language immersion programs gives students an education that will set them up for success in  whichever career path they choose in the future. The life-long benefits and connections our students will obtain by being bilingual is unmatched by any skill set a person can master. The ability of our students to communicate in various languages is an asset that will open doors to a world of possibilities that haven’t been greater than ever before. 

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We believe learning a new language is an art that can enrich a student’s mind and introduce them to a world of new horizons. 

Discover the Difference

At our heart and core, we believe in the power of language and its ability to become a bridge between worlds. We wholeheartedly believe that it is the key to connecting with people and cultures all over the globe; helping us open up to different perspectives and shaping our minds.

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